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ISARA – the adjustable ergonomic baby carrier that grows along with the child

Created by a babywearing consultant, ISARA is an ergonomic baby carrier, designed adjustable since 2013, from the very beginning.

Its latest version, ISARA V3, launched in November 2015, took adjustability to a whole new level. It is a multidimensional ergonomic baby carrier, with a lot of features of adjustment for the perfect fit as well as for an increased comfort and a stylish look.

Available in 2 sizes, standard size ( from 4 kg / 8.8 lbs up to 20 kg / 44lbs) and toddler size( from 8 kg / 17 lbs up to 20 kg / 44 lbs) ISARA V3 is adjustable in height and in length, so that it always gives you the perfect fit for your little one. Just right. Every time.

You can adjust the seat and the panel by an extremely easy process with durable results. You can adjust millimeter by millimeter, just as much as you need, for a perfect, ergonomic and comfortable fit.

The innovative panel of the standard size can be adjusted from 31 cm (12 inch) up to 45 cm (18 inch) and the toddler size from 39 (15,5 inch) cm to 50 cm (20 inch). The body of the carrier can be adjusted, lowered or raised, on both sides, or even asymmetrically.

The seat adjusts as much as you need always ensuring the froggy position. The standard size can be narrowed from 38 cm (15 inch) to 26 cm (10 inch) and the toddler size from 45 (18 inch) to 35 cm (14 inch).





FWC Standard


FWC Toddler


HWC Standard


HWC Toddler

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